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About Us

 ISO 9001:2008 Certifited 


S.S. Instruments  is a manufacturing, trading and servicing firm dedicated to developing and supplying world class Quality Control Instruments and Research Equipments across the globe.The company was established in 1985, by Mr. G.K. Agarwal and since then it has been serving Indian Industry for its requirements of instrumentation for QC and R&D purposes

We source our equipments from all over the world and provide installation and servicing through our dedicated and highly trained manpower. All our instruments are manufactured using best possible components and manufacturing techniques, thus eliminating any repair / service requirement for a minimum of two years.All our products comply with the various national and international standards. 

We follow “No Servicing Required” Policy. . In rare cases where repair / servicing is required, we follow, “Customer satisfaction at all cost” policy.



Our Main Product Lines are

     Cable Testing Instruments
     PVC / FRLS / Masterbatch Test Instruments
     Rubber components Testing Equipments
     Textile Testing Instruments
     Plywood Testing Instruments
     General Lab Instruments

Quality Policy:

We shall incorporate quality as central focal point, and implement quality control measures at every stage of manufacturing and supply of all our instruments. Customer satisfaction shall be achieved through superior quality and service in all instances. We shall strive towards product improvement and impeccable service standards to improve the overall experience for the client.


Quality Objective:

To achieve zero percent failure / break down for all instruments and alleviate customer complaints through superior service.



Featured Products

Range of Instruments

  1. Columns
  2. Thermal Ageing Oven (Loss of Mass Test)
  3. Flammability Test for Bunch Cables
  4. HCL Apparatus ( Digital Flowmeter)
  5. Hot Air Oven
  6. Smoke Density ( as per IEC) ( HMI Control)
  7. Ultra Low Cold Chambers
  8. Torsion Testing Machine
  9. Conditioning Chamber (with Humidity)
  10. Safety Gas Analyser
  11. Hot Water Bath
  12. High Current Tester
  13. Thermal Stability Test Apparatus
  14. Limiting Oxygen Index (Digital Flow)
  15. Ageing Oven (HMI / PLC Control)
  16. Two Roll Mill (Fixed Roller Speed)
  17. Ageing Oven (with Digital Flow Sensor)
  18. Copper Purity Test Apparatus
  19. Trace Oxygen Analyzer
  20. Fire Survival Test Apparatus
  21. Septa
  22. Smoke Density (as per ASTM)
  23. Smoke Density (as per IEC 61034)
  24. DC High Voltage Tester
  25. Limiting Oxygen Index
  26. Two Roll Mill (Variable Roller Speed)
  27. Halogen Acid Gas Test Apparatus
  28. Hot Set Apparatus
  29. DC High Voltage (3 Core Cable)
  30. Toxicity Test Apparatus
  31. Air Oxygen Pressure Chamber (Bomb)
  32. Cold Impact Test as per IEC
  33. Hydraulic Press
  34. Flammability as Per IEC 332 Pt 1 & 2
  35. Syringes
  36. Oxygen Analyzer (%)
  37. Glass Chimney For LOI Test Apparatus
  38. Flammability Test for Upholstery
  39. Skewing / Slicing Machine
  40. Sample Die for Limiting Oxygen Index
  41. Oxygen Analyzer (%) (Hand Held)
  42. Vacuum Oven
  43. Digital Pressure Monitors
  44. Smoke Density (as per UIC)
  45. Flammability Test (Swedish Chimney)
  46. Cold Bend as per IEC
  47. Hot Deformation Test Apparatus
  48. Flammability Test as per UL 94 (Automatic)
  49. Oil Fume Density Tester
  50. Infra Red Gas Analyzers
  51. Die Cutting Press (Fly Wheel Model)
  52. Fitting and Connectors
  53. Cold Chamber (Horizontal Model)
  54. Carbon Content Test Apparatus
  55. Gas Sampling Valves
  56. Moisture Analyzer
  57. Cold Chamber (Vertical Model)
  58. Flammability Test as per UL 94 (Manual)
  59. Cold Impact Test Apparatus (as per IS)
  60. Sample die for Smoke Density
  61. Dumb Bell Die 75 mm
  62. Ladder Flammability Tester
  63. Cold Bend Test Apparatus (as per IS)
  64. Dew Point Mointor/ Controller
  65. Fine Needle Valves
  66. Flammability (Vertical Burning)
  67. Gas Sampling Bottle
  68. Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzers
  69. Color Fastness to Day Light Exposure
  70. Gas Purifiers
  71. Flammability for 45 deg and Edge Buring
  72. Ageing Oven (with Rotometer)
  73. Digital Flow Indicator